5th World Congress of Clinical Safety


Last week I attended the International Association of Risk Management in Medicine’s 5th World Congress of Clinical Safety at Harvard Medical School. The Congress theme was Smart Hospitals and Healthcare: Health Care Management & Leadership, Risk, Quality, and Productivity. I attended many interesting presentations and presented the poster “Reducing diagnostic error using decision support on rounds.” My poster showed how I use the Isabel diagnostic program on rounds to help prevent diagnostic error – dml_jth-iarmm-2016-poster

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Harvard Leadership Institute

I recently attended the Harvard Leadership Institute for Academic Librarians in Cambridge, MA. The Institute was a week-long, thought-provoking educational program that focused on strategies for effective leadership in 21st century academic libraries. The course consisted of readings, lectures, films and small group work and was well organized. The course will have a lasting impact on me both in my current role as well as in future leadership positions. The most important concept I learned was how to reframe situations using a four-frame model (structural, human resource, political and symbolic) to enable more effective leadership. I also gained some great insights from small group discussions of current issues in academic library leadership, including how to effectively deal with the internal politics of academic institutions.

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Academy for Emerging Leaders in Patient Safety


In 2004 Dave Mayer, Tim McDonald, Rosemary Gibson, Anne Gunderson and a small number of other thought leaders in patient safety began discussions in the hope that they could redesign medical education in such a way that students, residents and faculty would gain a greater understanding of patient safety throughout their training. Out of those discussions came the first Telluride Patient Safety Educational Roundtable in 2005. In 2010, the Telluride Patient Safety Student and Resident Summer Camps were born, a logical evolution of the Telluride Roundtables over the years. In 2013 and 2015 demand for this unique offering of patient safety education continued to grow, and additional weeks were added in Washington, DC and Napa Valley for both health science students and resident physicians.

I recently attended my third patient safety camp, which is now called the Academy for Emerging Leaders in Patient Safety: The Telluride Experience. The camp included medical students, residents and nurses with a special interest in patient safety. I heard many informative speakers, including Grace Tran from the MedStar Institute for Innovation who spoke about the importance of human factors engineering in designing work environments that promote patient safety


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My recent webinar with Copyright Clearance Center is now a podcast, you can listen to it here – Meet the Informationist

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Text Mining Webinar

Using Text Mining to Improve Patient Care

24-Jun-2016 — 9:00 AM EDT / 3:00 PM CEST
In this one-hour webinar hosted by Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), presenters Jonathan Hartmann, Senior Clinical Informationist and Head of Data Management at Georgetown University Medical Center, and Guy Singh, Senior Manager, Product and Strategic Alliances at Linguamatics, will explore the application and impact of text mining on patient care at Georgetown University Medical Center. In this session the speakers will present a novel use case of applying text mining tools during and after patient rounds in a hospital. Jonathan will discuss his use of text mining on a tablet computer to extract information to aid physicians’ decision making on their daily visits to their patients’ bedsides. Jonathan text mines information from MEDLINE and other sources to enable real time operational use during hospital rounds.

Jonathan will provide a look back over the past few years to see how the solution has evolved from its inception to how it is being used today. He’ll also walk through a series of real life case studies to illustrate how the solution has assisted physicians in their diagnosis and treatment of patients.

CCC’s Chris Kenneally will facilitate the session.

Register here – http://go.copyright.com/l/37852/2016-06-02/52596x

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Text Mining and BMJ


I recently attended the Linguamatics Spring Text Mining Conference in Cambridge, England and gave the presentation Evolution of I2E to improve patient care along with Guy Singh, Senior Manager of Product and Strategic Alliances for Linguamatics. We described the development over the last three years of a web interface which allows me to use the I2E search engine on an iPad, and also showed how I was able to download 2 million full text articles onto a Georgetown server so I can mine full text in addition to MEDLINE abstracts.

After the meeting, Guy and I traveled to London for a meeting with technical staff from BMJ, which publishes a group of journals that I have downloaded onto the Georgetown server. We discussed ways of improving access to the full text and the possibility of integrating the content into an infobutton search.


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NLM Biomedical Informatics Course

I recently attended the week-long National Library of Medicine Georgia Biomedical Informatics Course in Young Harris, GA. As a result of taking the course. I understand more about medical terminologies and the challenges involved in dealing with patient data across different EHRs.

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