Text Mining and BMJ


I recently attended the Linguamatics Spring Text Mining Conference in Cambridge, England and gave the presentation Evolution of I2E to improve patient care along with Guy Singh, Senior Manager of Product and Strategic Alliances for Linguamatics. We described the development over the last three years of a web interface which allows me to use the I2E search engine on an iPad, and also showed how I was able to download 2 million full text articles onto a Georgetown server so I can mine full text in addition to MEDLINE abstracts.

After the meeting, Guy and I traveled to London for a meeting with technical staff from BMJ, which publishes a group of journals that I have downloaded onto the Georgetown server. We discussed ways of improving access to the full text and the possibility of integrating the content into an infobutton search.


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NLM Biomedical Informatics Course

I recently attended the week-long National Library of Medicine Georgia Biomedical Informatics Course in Young Harris, GA. As a result of taking the course. I understand more about medical terminologies and the challenges involved in dealing with patient data across different EHRs.

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Text Mining Summit Success!


I recently attended the Linguamatics Text Mining Summit and I2E Healthcare Hackathon in scenic Newport, RI where I learned new text mining techniques and gave the presentation Extracting and applying information from full text scientific articles for patient care which was very well received. Guy Singh (Linguamatics Senior Manager, Product and Strategic Alliances) assisted me with the presentation and described how some of the hurdles involved with acquiring two million (!) full text articles from various publishers were overcome. My portion of the presentation focused on how I have been able to use this new corpus of information to improve patient care, research, and medical education at GUMC.

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I enjoyed attending the International Health Terminology Standards Organization business meeting last week in Copenhagen, Denmark. I gave a presentation on my work at GUMC for the Quality Assurance Committee, and discussed the possibility of adding clinical decision support tools to SNOMED in the future. I also learned more about the organization and how the management board plans to form Advisory Groups for specific projects going forward.

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Upcoming Presentation at International Health Terminology Meeting

As part of my service on the International Health Terminology Standards Development Organization (IHTSDO) Quality Assurance Committee, I have been asked to give a presentation on my work at the IHTSDO Business Meeting which will be held April 26-29 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The IHTSDO is an international not-for-profit organization based in Denmark that owns and administers the rights to SNOMED CT and related terminology standards. Its mission is to improve human health by fostering the development and use of suitable standardized clinical terminologies in order to support safe, accurate, and effective exchange of clinical and related health information. Its focus is on enabling the implementation of semantically accurate health records that are interoperable; thus IHTSDO’s work is critical to the continued growth & implementation of the EHR/EMR.

I hope my presentation will give the committee a chance to learn about my work, as well as some ideas on how SNOMED CT can be more efficiently integrated into clinicians’ workflow.

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New Year, New Projects

The new year has started out as a busy and exciting one because in the next few weeks for the first time I will be providing training for the following groups:

  • MedStar Teaching Scholars
  • National Center for Human Factors in Healthcare
  • UHC/AACN Nurse Residency Program
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Text Mining Summit and Mining Full Text


Last month I attended the Linguamatics Text Mining Summit in scenic Newport, RI and  presented an update on the work I have done in the past year using text mining on rounds to improve patient care. My presentation was very well received and I answered many questions from the attendees. I am also working with Linguamatics to begin text mining full text journals in Science Direct which will enable me to access much more information on rounds than I currently can by mining MEDLINE abstracts. In addition, I will also begin mining BMJ’s full text journal content in January. I am very excited about this new project and am looking forward to adding more full text content in the future.


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