Jonathan Hartmann, MLS                                                                                                             Director of Clinical Integration Services & Data Discovery                                                   Dahlgren Memorial Library                                                                                                  Georgetown University Medical Center

In my 25 years as an academic medical librarian I have always been at the forefront of providing information, knowledge management and education in the most efficient way using the latest technology. For example:

  • 1996: I became the first librarian to teach a comprehensive course on the medical applications of computers which required using cutting-edge technology to provide remote access to library databases. (Learn more here.)
  • 2005: I initiated the first chat reference service at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.
  • 2009: I became the first librarian at Georgetown University Hospital to round with clinical teams.
  • 2013: I became the first informationist to use text-mining and diagnostic software on rounds.

While technology is amazing and continues to develop at an astonishing pace, I still believe that the human connection remains the bedrock of my profession, and I will always strive to improve my personal service to my clients.

Check out my MedStar Georgetown University Hospital Resource Guide, watch this video of me rounding, and read this story about my work in MGUH!

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