Linguamatics Text Mining Summit


Last month I attended the Linguamatics Text Mining Summit at the Chatham Bars Inn on Cape Cod. I took a useful workshop on text mining for healthcare and participated in a roundtable on mining full text. I also heard many interesting speakers, and was particularly interested in the talks given by Stuart Murray of Agios Pharmaceuticals and Rick Lewis of GlaxoSmithKline regarding drug safety.


About Jonathan Hartmann

I am the Director of Clinical Integration and Data Discovery Services at Dahlgren Memorial Library.
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  1. Julia N. Heinrich, Ph.D. says:

    I too enjoyed the conference and was particularly interested in Rick Lewis’ talk. Two other talks that particularly peaked my interest were: 1) Generating actionable insights from real-world data, Thierry Breyette, Senior Manager of Information Analytics, Novo Nordisk and 2) Systematic drug repositioning using text mining tools on Eric Su, Principal Research Scientist, Eli Lilly and Company. I was also thrilled with the features that are going to be available in the upcoming I2E release, i.e., normalization!

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