Upcoming Presentation at International Health Terminology Meeting

As part of my service on the International Health Terminology Standards Development Organization (IHTSDO) Quality Assurance Committee, I have been asked to give a presentation on my work at the IHTSDO Business Meeting which will be held April 26-29 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The IHTSDO is an international not-for-profit organization based in Denmark that owns and administers the rights to SNOMED CT and related terminology standards. Its mission is to improve human health by fostering the development and use of suitable standardized clinical terminologies in order to support safe, accurate, and effective exchange of clinical and related health information. Its focus is on enabling the implementation of semantically accurate health records that are interoperable; thus IHTSDO’s work is critical to the continued growth & implementation of the EHR/EMR.

I hope my presentation will give the committee a chance to learn about my work, as well as some ideas on how SNOMED CT can be more efficiently integrated into clinicians’ workflow.

About Jonathan Hartmann

I am the Director of Clinical Integration and Data Discovery at Dahlgren Memorial Library.
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