“The Biggest Mistakes Doctors Make” WSJ 11/17/13

I highly recommend that you read this Wall Street Journal report on Health Care. Included are articles about preventable diagnostic errors, medical apps, robotic surgery pros/cons, hospital rooms of the future and care costs.

The cover article about incorrect diagnoses includes the use of text mining by the Southern California Permanente Medical Group. It mentions their “Safety Net” program and its database of more than 3.6 million members that they use to mine lab results for trends and opportunities to improve patient care.

In the Health Care app article you’ll find a succinct review of key apps being used by doctors. Also, two programs are mentioned that we use here at GUMC: Isabel, which is a diagnostic app that I use on rounds; and Epocrates, a very popular drug app used by physicians and medical students.

This WSJ report does a good job of exploring current trends in the connected worlds of information, technology and medical practice. I highly recommend that you peruse it for insights and new perspectives.

About Jonathan Hartmann

I am the Director of Clinical Integration and Data Discovery at Dahlgren Memorial Library.
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